If you know me, you know I hold the superhero genre near and dear. But I must be honest, the past year-and-change of superhero movies have sucked. Yeah, I said it. The genre is going downhill and quick, and if I’M feeling superhero fatigue, a lot of other people should be too. Batman v Superman sucks. Civil War is fan service. Suicide Squad (2016) is worse than Batman & Robin (1997) and now has an Academy Award.

No, seriously.

Even Deadpool (2016) has the most cookie cutter plot points. That one I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, though, because the tone of that movie is better than a lot of other comic book movies coming out lately. Wonder Woman (2017) and Justice League (2017) both look terrible and Warner Bros. can barely hold down a director for The Batman (2019(?)). I’ll give you that Doctor Strange (2016)’s visual effects are great, but I acknowledged in my review that it’s Iron Man 4. Anyway, in 2017, the genre needs a vast improvement and with Logan (2017) out this Friday, it looks like this could be the resuscitation this genre desperately needs right now. With comic book movies usually comes trailers for upcoming comic book movies and wouldn’t you know it, Marvel Studios – Fox and Marvel Entertainment’s competitors – decided to tell Fox that they were not alone in the potential for great comic book movies in 2017. And here we have the third (and hopefully final) trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017).

There’s not much to talk about with this trailer. It took the seriousness of the first trailer and mixed it with the fun and colorful feel of the second trailer. As a result, you get an awesome trailer cut to Fleetwood Mac – a great follow up to a trailer cut to ‘Fox on the Run’. If this is any indication of what’s to come in the soundtrack’s Awesome Mix Vol. 2, I’m all in. I like that next to no plot points are being spoiled in the trailer, minus that one at the end with Kurt Russell, but if you’re like me and read the internet, you already knew who Russell was cast as. It’s a grey area all together.

From the vibrant colors and near unbelievable detail, you can see how Marvel took advantage of the 8K RED Weapon that they got on their hands to make this movie. I think this may be one of the very few instances where a movie could be worth spending more money on for an IMAX 3D experience.

Overall, as I said, not much to talk about. I applaud the marketing team for having a flawless campaign for this movie – assuming they don’t drop a fourth fifth and sixth trailer in the next two months. Guardians Vol. 2 is at the top of my list for anticipated comic book movies this year, and it looks like it could be on the opposite side of what Logan has to offer, and yet it could have just as resounding an effect on the comic book movie genre.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 hits theaters May 5th, 2017.



Trailer 1 Analysis

Trailer 2 Analysis


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