http-hypebeast.comimage201704game-of-thrones-season-7-hbo-first-official-photos-1I say this every new season but I think this is going to be Thrones’ biggest season yet. Yes, the episode count has gone down to seven, as opposed to the traditional ten-count. However, the budget is the same as last season so fewer episodes just means more money for each episode. It means more dragons the size of 747s and set pieces that will bring any upcoming summer blockbusters to their knees. Thrones’ delayed summer release this year is the worst thing that could happen to the Summer Blockbuster Season because Thrones is a blockbuster on its own. At a mere minute and fifty seconds, this trailer is nothing short of perfect. Not The Last Jedi (2017) kind of perfect, but certainly a treat for any die-hard fan of this series – arguably HBO’s most successful  since The Sopranos (1999-2007).

Right now, after what went down last season, EVERYTHING in this show has been turned on its head. Cersei Lannister is sitting on the Iron Throne; Dany has three houses, two armies, and three dragons backing her on her journey to take Westeros; and Jon Snow, a BASTARD, is the King in the North. As far as status quo in Westeros, things are not normal right now. Let’s break it down:

daenerys-and-tyrion-in-game-of-thrones-season-7Not only is Cersei a woman (I’m not against women in power, it’s just the way the world works in Thrones, ON PAPER, it’s crazy that a woman is sitting on the throne), but she is losing her mind. She is one wild fire incident away from being compared to the Mad King… oh wait that’s right, she wiped out an entire family’s lineage in the season finale with wild fire. Yep, Cersei is pretty much the Mad Queen and if I had to pick anyone to bite it by the end of this season, I’m picking her and Jaime. It’ll be beautiful and tragic and probably a bit gross too. It sucks to predict Jaime, my favorite character, dying; but I feel like without Cersei, he has no part to play in this show anymore.

Dany is way too overpowered right now. She has the support of Dorne and the Martells, Theon and Yara Greyjoy, the Tyrells, Tyrion as her hand, Varys being Varys, the Dothraki army, the Unsullied army, AND THREE DRAGONS! How the Hell is ANYONE going to beat that? I guarantee you Dany loses at least a third of her fleet en route to Westeros because I’m sorry, but it’s too easy for her right now. Euron Greyjoy, Theon and Yara’s deranged uncle, is in hot pursuit to propose an alliance with Dany, and when he sees that his niece and nephew have already earned her trust, it’s going to be an INSANE battle in the Narrow Sea. A great deal of this trailer was Lannister/Targaryen battles (DID YOU SEE DROGON IN THAT LAST SHOT?!), and their conflict, I’m sure, will take up most of this abbreviated season. However, expect that conflict to resolve itself shortly because as Davos Seaworth points out, none of this is going to matter.

landscape-1490974265-game-of-thrones-season-7-trailer-jon-snowJon Snow is one of the most compelling fictional characters of the 21st century. His story has gotten more and more interesting each season of Thrones and more often than not the past couple of seasons, I’ve thought to myself the only thing I care about in Thrones is Jon Snow and the North. Jon is going to want nothing to do with any politics going on in the south of Westeros. Jon’s main priority is going to be rallying the realm for the Great War that is finally here. Of course, he’s going to eventually find Dany and ask her about her three dragons because I’m sure they’ll come in handy when an army of White Walkers and the undead descend upon everyone in a white fury of cold, death, and darkness. The White Walkers’ eventual rise is inevitable now that Winter is finally here, and I’m ITCHING at the thought of the Night King walking up to The Wall and just flicking it – bringing the entire thing down. Jon and Bran have a lot to catch up on when they eventually meet up, and I find it interesting that Bran wasn’t in this trailer at all (at least not from what I could tell from my initial ten watches).

It certainly looks like the Stark House is finally going to make a huge comeback (I’ve said this since Season 5) and it’s time for all the politics and fighting over a chair to end. Winter is here and we all know what comes with it. I’ll conclude with a few little tidbits about characters and the trailer that I didn’t mention above:

How the Hell do I get one of those floor maps of Westeros? I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyrion died this season too, after getting revenge on Cersei – to be honest, I don’t know if he would have a huge part to play in the final season against the White Walkers. I still don’t see how the Lannister army, the Queensguard, and The Mountain (sick new helmet) could defeat Unsullied, Dothraki, and three dragons. Like the Dothraki jumping off his horse screaming? Are you kidding me? I literally have no clue what Littlefinger’s motivation is anymore, and that terrifies me – it’s still a massive chess game between him and Varys. Is Melisandre on Dragonstone? Jaime is and always will be my favorite character, but Davos is a pretty damn close second. Be prepared for this season to move quick. With only seven episodes, there’s no dragging out plot lines anymore. We’re approaching the end of Thrones and there’s no room for dilly dallying.

Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres on HBO July 16th at 9PM ET. You can watch the previous six seasons through HBO, HBOGO, HBONow, or however you please.




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