If you know me, you know I’ve been invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for almost a decade now. That’s how long it has been since Iron Man (2008) was released and that’s how long this journey – to what will be the culmination of roughly 20 interconnected films – will be in the end. This morning an official trailer was released to tease fanboys here-and-wide and to prepare them for Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet, enough talent in one movie that it almost justifies a billion dollar budget, and most importantly – BEARDED. CAPTAIN. AMERICA. Behold, the first official trailer for Avengers: Infinity War (2018):

I debated doing a reaction video to this trailer. Reaction videos, for those of you who don’t know, are literally just webcam-recorded live-reactions to highly anticipated video content online. People do them all the time for comic book-film trailers or anything that includes the phrase “Star Wars.” I don’t like them and I genuinely think everyone fakes it to some degree with hand gestures or obnoxiously audible gasps. Naturally, I made one for the Hell of it to prove my point:

I’m not one for real-time reactions but I can honestly tell you that: 1. this is 100% the first time I watched this trailer; and 2. these reactions are 100% genuine. I don’t EXCLAIM and raise my hands when I watch trailers – never have. two things that are for certain, however, are my eyes do most of the “reacting” and I definitely need a haircut.

This isn’t where I parked my car…

The imagery in this trailer is astonishing – as to be expected. Tons of action, new costumes, Thanos finally getting up from a chair and doing something after six years of nonchalantness. The movie seems to be going through all of the beats I’m expecting, which involves Thanos acquiring all of the MacGuffins Infinity Stones and bringing destruction to the entire universe. The best part of this movie will be all the heroes and storylines from the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally coming together to achieve one goal; but this is a movie in which I honestly care more about the villain being done right. Thanos has been teased for YEARS now. He is the sole endgame and culmination of a plan set out nearly a decade ago. Originally, it was planned for Infinity War to be two parts, Part I being the what’s in the trailer above and Part II coming out in May, 2019. Now, Marvel is saying 2019’s Avengers movie will not be Infinity War Part II, and the official title is yet to be revealed. While it may not be “Part II“, the fact that the two films were shot back-to-back and are releasing a year apart from each other certainly means they have some semblance of a connection. My point being, I hope that Thanos is a two-movie-villain and not offed in Infinity War – after YEARS of hype.

A couple of knee-jerk reactions from the outstanding imagery in the trailer above: It’s great that Wakanda will be heavily involved in what looks like the climax of the movie; I dig Spidey in the “Iron Spider” suit, but I honestly prefer just plain blue and red Spider-Man; Human Vision is going to be cool until Thanos literally rips the Mind Stone out of his head; Loki’s certainly going to bite it in the first half hour of this movie is my guess; Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy pairing up is probably my most anticipated moment for this movie – outside of bearded Captain America.


I’m beyond excited for this movie. If Justice League (2017) was a culmination of my childhood, then Infinity War is certainly a culmination of my young adulthood and the journey I have gone on (and endured, to some extent) with Marvel Studios.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) opens in theaters May 4th, 2018.




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