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The Crew

Dan O’Donnell


Dan O’Donnell was born under a blood moon to the tune of Greg Ginn and Johnny Rotten sharing a mic on a crumbling stage, with four guitar strings between the both of them. Bjork and David Lynch collaborated on a concept album about Dan O’Donnell, but the record set fire to every turntable they tried to play it on. When Dan O’Donnell faces down a Boggart, he laughs, and it turns into Michael Myers. Master of all things Horror and Punk, not necessarily in that order, Dan O’Donnell was raised in Bellmore, NY, where he ran the stage crew at his local high school, played bass and sang in a hardcore punk band, dreamed up urban horrors in the woods with his friends, and practiced art in many forms; photography, painting, carpentry, music, and film. He graduated Hofstra University with a degree in the latter, and completed his degree with a thesis-film entitled Bloom, a short in the tradition of Scream and It Follows. He’s a proven director, sound designer, and storyteller. Next time you hear a mysterious bump in the night, don’t wonder, don’t worry, don’t fright; call O’Donnell. He probably bought it a cup of coffee this morning.


David Yurman


David Yurman is everyone’s fantasy in every meaning of the word. The hottest thing out of New Jersey since Springsteen and Jovi, the literary-minded David graduated from Hofstra University a semester early with his film degree at the same time as his GBT teammate and former college roommate Ethan Magee. He has since proven himself the most as a producer, with legend telling that he booked a location with the swift haste of a caffeine fueled coke addict, with his phone in one hand and The Metamorphosis in the other. When he’s had his cup of joe, David can watch as many movies as he can read books with an eclectic knowledge of films and filmmakers past and present. David Yurman is at best a Renaissance Man and at worst ahead of his time.


Ethan Magee


Few have witnessed a phenomenon such as Ethan Magee. This 130lb(?) slab of pure Kobe beef looks, sounds and feels like a blast from the past with more knowledge of film history than anyone on this side of the Mississippi. If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I’ve never seen that movie,” odds are E’s seen it. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’ve never heard of that movie,” odds are E’s seen it. He doesn’t discriminate between genre, length, age, or anything else. If it’s a film, he’ll watch it. With a degree in Film Studies & Production from Hofstra University, Ethan is also armed head-to-toe with dedication, persistence, and strategic know-how in and out of a film shoot. Filling out any roll from sound mixing to pulling focus as an assistant camera, Ethan is quite literally the definition of a jack of all trades: The man’s got it all.


Josh Roepe


Facts surrounding Josh Roepe’s origins, including his real age, are very hazy due to the many aliases he’s gone by. However, in recent years, he’s quickly become a household name. His major works include the critically acclaimed Running Saga, as well as the beloved Framptown comics. Throughout his career as a filmmaker, Roepe’s forayed into many genres, namely horror and comedy. His terrifying use of lighting and cinematography has been compared to that of Argento, however his sense of humor and comedic style is unmatched. Some have even proposed that Roepe’s muse, a bunny named Desmond, is actually the comedic genius, and Roepe is simply able to translate his utterances into an intelligible form. Sources say that Josh Roepe’s next triumph will be a coming-of-age comedy in the style of 90’s cinema, about a group of miscreants known as the Trash Bois.

Reed Peraner


Reed Peraner is a wannabe Ted Mosby dingus.

But as hard as he tries, he’ll never be as big a tool as that pathetic dude-bro Mary-Sue Nice-Guy. In reality, Reed thrives in all aspects of his professional life, and most aspects of his personal one. Our Resident Editor, Reed taught himself the art of film-making throughout all of high school, putting together countless promotional videos for his close-knit, incestuous cesspool of an institution, and continued to contribute his skills for not only the rest of the GBT team, but for a bunch of people I hardly even know throughout college. Reed’s knowledge of comic books and superheroes rivals even that of Josh Roepe, and the two can oft be seen debating who the best Spider-Man villain is, behind dumpsters, late into the night. Leonardo in the acclaimed Running Saga, and Director/Writer of the incomparable EGO (2016), Reed Peraner is a scholar, filmmaker, best friend, and actually a nice guy. Unlike Ted Freakin’ Mosby.