If you know me, I could care less about “Star Wars Day”. It’s every May 4th and fans come out of the woodwork to tell their friends and Facebook feed how they’ve grown up on Star Wars, the prequels are garbage, where are the original cuts, yada yada yada. Every day for me is “Star Wars Day”. There, quite literally, isn’t a day that goes by where Star Wars doesn’t enter my life in one way or another. Whether it’s watching a movie, quoting one, sending a Star Wars GIF to react to something, or just talking about Star Wars. I don’t even think I’ll get around to watching any Star Wars movie(s) today; and I could honestly care less. I can almost guarantee you I’m going to watch a Star War in the next week and a half or so just because – and that, to me, is just status quo.

Well, with today being, on paper, “Star Wars Day”, I figured I’d take the time to promote none other than myself and share with you a montage tribute to Star Wars I made a year and change ago for a segment on one of my college’s original broadcasts. Unfortunately for people who need everything as updated as possible, I cut this montage before The Force Awakens (2015) came out, so there are no clips from that or Rogue One (2016). Deal with it.

Happy “Star Wars Day” to the people who think they’re true fans because they wore a Boba Fett T-shirt to work; and to the true fans like myself and the rest of the GBTeam, just have a great day.




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